Dr. Goldie Millar

I am a clinical psychologist who has had the pleasure of working with children, teens and their families to help them change, grow and thrive for the past fifteen years. I am passionate about self-expression, creativity and learning. As a mother of two young children I know that parenting can be wonderful and simultaneously very challenging. I actively try to teach and to encourage my children to express themselves, use feeling words and connect to the caring adults in their lives. I am very interested in making parents lives easier while making children’s lives better and richer.


Dr. Lisa Berger

As a clinical, counselling and rehabilitation psychologist I have had the great privilege of working to help people mend their lives. I have witnessed the transformation of these individuals as they have been helped to connect with and express their emotions and to develop a vocabulary with which to convey thoughts and feelings. I have always had a special interest in the ways in which we all develop, express and experience our lives. This has led to my passionate interest in emotional health and wellness and the ways in which I can support children and adults in living more fully. I am the mother of two young children and I value the spirit, laughter, connection and learning that I share with my family. I actively work to allow my children the opportunity to express themselves and to develop words that allow for their expressions. I wish for emotional health and connection for all.


Why a book on feelings?
We were interested in writing a book for all children and families that would get the conversation going about feelings and emotional expression.  As psychologists and parents of young children we have witnessed and experienced the challenge of children not having the supportive space and language skills they need to communicate their feelings.

We know that all children benefit from being able to express themselves.  For us, the book is a way to open the door for things to be different for children and their families and to help everyone create more empathy, understanding, caring, connection and expression.  We want children to be able to have the words to communicate all that is happening for them so they will  feel better equipped to handle all of life’s challenges.

We hope you enjoy the book again and again, and the conversations keep flowing!

All the best,

Goldie and Lisa